VIDEO: University of South Carolina Spring Game Rooster Anthem

By Riley Schmitt

It is finally April, which means college football is starting to inch back into everyone’s mind.  The spring games are beginning, which also means tailgating is starting back up.  This can lead to some hilarious situations, including this rooster anthem from the University of South Carolina spring game.

By rooster anthem, I mean the guy actually attempted to do the national anthem the way that a rooster would do.  That would certainly help replace any alarm clock needs that anyone had.  I have no idea what possessed the guy to do this, but I am not complaining.  This is what college football is all about, I think.

The beer had to have been flowing.  That is the only explanation that I have.  A lot of beer influenced him to sing the national anthem like a rooster.  If not, this guy is either a comedic genius or in need of some kind of help.  It’s a funny thing to do, but there has to be a good reason for it.

This rooster anthem should get plenty of attention.  If it doesn’t, people need to get a better sense of humor.  This is hilarious as it can be and if people get offended, that is too bad.  There are always odd renditions of the national anthem.  Instead of singing them poorly, why not just adapt the rooster anthem?  Everyone will be laughing with you instead of at you.

I missed you college football.  I’m glad to have you and weird tailgating things back in my life.

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