Photo: Tim Tebow and Dwyane Wade Front and Center at New York Yankees Game

By Bryan Lutz

New York Jets‘ quarterback Tim Tebow and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade are both huge superstars in their respective sports. So of course when the two are chumming it up today during the New York Yankees‘ game, ESPN’s cameras can’t get enough.

Wade’s Heat defeated the New York Knicks earlier in the day 93-85, scoring 28 points on 10-18 shooting. The Heat have the New Jersey Nets next on the schedule, letting Wade stick around in the Big Apple for the night. The reason Tim Tebow is in Yankee Stadium is because he plays there now! The Jets’ quarterback is rocking the Yankee fitted just as Jay-Z would, enjoying the house that Ruth built.

It was reported that Wade was booed mercifully when they showed him on the jumbotron, until he raised a Yankees’ cap of his own, in which he was greeted with cheers. Similar to what happened with LeBron James when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Yankees’ cap has secret powers. If you are in Cleveland with a Yankees’ cap, you would be riduculed mercifully. So Wade thought ahead and used the Yankees’ hat like Miami Marlins‘ owner Jeffrey Loria used Muhammad Ali as –  a booing shield.

Tebow is making the smart move wearing the Yankees’ hat in one of his first public New York appearances. I’m not in New York, so I don’t know the general feeling about the Chosen One, but I can’t imagine it’s 100 percent supportive. But with Tebow getting own with his New York roots wearing a Yankees’ hat. Let’s just hope it works better than when Hilary Clinton rocked the hat, because that was beyond pathetic.

Although Tebow and Wade have great seats, they aren’t as great as Aaron “Bleeping” Boone’, who is a row ahead of the pair. All we need is a picture of Wade “Tebowing” and ESPN would O-Face it.


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