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Jessica Dorrell Resigns From Arkansas Athletic Department

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It is finally official.  The woman at the center of the Bobby Petrino scandal has resigned her position in the Arkansas athletic department.  Jessica Dorrell, who has been caught in the crossfire of this whole mess, has resigned her spot and will leave the school.

This whole scandal has been an absolute mess for everyone.  It cost Petrino his job and any respect that he may have had left in college football.  Dorrell has ruined the chance for women to succeed in college sports and she probably destroyed her future marriage.  No one is a winner in this.  However, you an argue that Arkansas looks the best at making a swift decision on the Petrino situation.

Dorrell leaves the school with her $14,000 and probably no pride whatsoever.  Her career has been demolished by getting involved with Petrino.  No school will look to hire her.  Who wants to take on that PR nightmare?  This has also harmed women who want to work in athletic departments.  How do people know that they are not going to end up hiring the next Dorrell?

People may blame Petrino, but Dorrell is also at fault.  She accepted the money from him and got involved with him in a way that she should not have.  A career boost is not worth the destruction of a reputation.  I wish her the best of luck in reforming her life, but I have a feeling it is going to take a while.  You don’t get over this situation overnight.