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VIDEO: Man Invades Rugby Pitch In Dress, Gets Speared

If you are going to invade a sports game, think twice.  If you are still committed to it, please do not invade a rugby game while wearing a dress.  You will get speared for your trouble.  This man that decided invading a game by wearing a dress was met with a great tackle by Olly Barkley.

That is pretty much a perfect form tackle.  He hits him perfectly and then drives him to the ground.  That is exactly how you are taught to tackle someone.  Nice to see Barkley has not forgotten the basic principles behind tackling.  I would not have minded if he would have added something extra to it, because the guy clearly needs help.

A slam of some sort would have probably done wonders.  The guy apparently needs his head checked.  Who decides to invade a rugby game in a dress?  There has to be some kind of screwed up thought process to determine that.  Was he bored out of his mind and wanting something to do?  Was it a protest?

I would imagine that guy will not be welcomed back to this rugby pitch for the near future.  I would think that running on to the field will probably get you barred for life.  That is exactly the way it should be.  Running on the field can not be tolerated.  If you do it, you will get speared.  When you get speared, people will laugh at you.  When people laugh at you, you will be featured in a youtube video.