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It’s No Suprise That Andrew Luck Will be an Indianapolis Colt After the 2012 NFL Draft

Ryan Grigson, new general manager for the Indianapolis Colts, spoke to the media for a half-hour on Wednesday, concerning their choice for the number one overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. For the first time, Grigson mentioned that the Colts had made their decision as to whom they would draft with the first pick in the first round next Thursday night.

“We’ve exhausted the process. We’ve pretty much made up our mind. We’re gonna go from there. We feel really good about it.”

Grigson did not mention any names in particular, but it’s really no big surprise who the Colts have chosen to take first overall when the draft kicks off on April 26th. Several media sources have now reported that the Colts organization has informed the camp of quarterback Andrew Luck that he will officially be the selection for Indianapolis with the number one pick. Luck was the choice for the Colts in the Rant Sports 2012 NFL Mock Draft, which was published on this website early last week.

To be honest, this decision was most likely made weeks ago, and Luck’s camp was most likely informed shortly thereafter. The word seems to just now be officially spreading as fact, even though the Colts brass has not publicly said what they will do and who they will pick. It seemed that Luck was the overwhelming choice to be taken first overall by the Colts as soon as Indianapolis was awarded the rights to the number one pick at the end of last season. The decision loomed heavy overhead in Indianapolis, even before Peyton Manning was out the door.

Luck decided to stay in school for the 2011-2012 season, rather than jump to the NFL. Had Luck came out last year, he would have most likely been taken with the first overall pick in last year’s NFL Draft. Before last season was even over, the whispers of a “Suck for Luck” campaign began to permeate the airwaves of the Indianapolis media outlets. So, even though the word seems to have finally come down, the decision may have been made in the minds of the Colts a long time ago. Still, there is a week to go until the 2012 NFL Draft. Nothing is official until that card comes to the podium, and Andrew Luck is holding up Colts jersey. Indianapolis may be dropping hints for the next week, but Grigson and the Colts seem far from totally showing their hand to the world.

“It’s a process. You come to a conclusion. We’ve known for a little while. We’re pretty sure which direction we are gonna go.”