Top 4 Reasons Why Andrew Luck Is A Good Fit For Indianapolis Colts

By Michael Terrill

The Indianapolis Colts have informed former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck that they will make him the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter was the first person to report the news as thousands of Colts fans rejoiced.

Luck is a great fit for the team because he can start a new legacy after Indianapolis cut ties with veteran and eventual Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. As the fans get over the fact their beloved Manning will be playing elsewhere in 2012, they can slowly get past the pain by putting stock in a new, young quarterback.

Trust me, I am a Green Bay Packers fan who lives in Wisconsin so I can relate with every Colts fan out there. The best things to do at this point will be to move on and embrace the young gun. Luck will have some pressure of course but this is going to be his football team. The real pressure will be to perform, which is something every drafted quarterback faces. Indianapolis does not expect a Super Bowl in his first year, however, they will expect one eventually.

With that, I give you the top four reasons why Luck is a good fit for the Colts.

#4 Indianapolis fanbase needs a hero

The Indianapolis fanbase needs someone they can look up to now that the legend will be slinging touchdown passes out west. Like I said, it can be difficult at first, but now Colts fans know what they will be getting in return which should allow them to sleep better at night. For fans to know they will never see another two-win season again under Luck’s watch should give them the utmost confidence. The rain cloud will move to another part of the country while the sun shines on Indy’s new son.

#3 Good for the record

Luck set a total of 17 school records in his three years at Stanford, including: highest completion percentage in a season, most touchdown passes in a season, most touchdown passes in a career, most yards per pass attempt in a career, most rushing yards by a quarterback in a career, most wins in a career and many more. This can only mean he will be determined to break some records and set new marks at the next level.

#2 AFC South Open

With the exception of the Houston Texans, the AFC South is open for the taking. Yes, the Texans will rule the division for the next few years but the Colts, with Luck at the helm, should be back on top sooner than people think. As good as Houston’s defense is, and it is very good, they can have issues on offense when quarterback Matt Schaub is not healthy. Considering injuries have followed him throughout his NFL career, Colts fans have to be excited at the opportunities in front of them.

#1 Colts lucky to have him

Luck completed 713 passes for 9,430 yards and tossed 82 touchdowns while only throwing 22 interceptions in three years at Stanford. His career passer rating of 162.8 is another one of several Stanford records he set. Luck led his team to an Orange Bowl victory last season and took home MVP honors. He was given the skill set and bred to command an NFL team. When the Packers traded Brett Favre, it was okay for most of us fans because we knew we had Aaron Rodgers to take over. Colts fans have every right to feel the same way about Luck as he has the credentials to be one of the great ones.

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