Dwyane Wade Bans Girlfriend From Courtside Seats

By Michael Terrill

Dwyane Wade has banned his girlfriend Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys 2, Think Like a Man) from her courtside seats at Miami Heat games. Apparently, Union’s constant badgering of opposing players and NBA referees has taken a toll on Wade.

“He said, ‘We’re gonna need you a few rows back ’cause I can hear everything’,” Gabrielle explained to Conan O’Brien on his nightly late night show, according to ThePostGame.

Most girlfriends of NBA athletes sit courtside at games and get involved by cheering along with the rest of the crowd. However, I think this has to be the first incident when a player told his girlfriend to move back a few rows for being too loud. I guess it is better than LeBron James telling his mother to sit down after he was fouled hard by Paul Pierce.

I think it is awesome Union gets involved in the game considering she is just a fan like the rest of us. However, I do see how Wade could get embarrassed and severely annoyed by his girlfriend shouting at the opposing players, especially if he can hear every word she is saying every time he runs down the court.

“I’m like dance mom. … I’ve become like Bobby Knight and like the Great Fettucini, it’s bad. I scream like ‘brick!’ and ‘air ball!'” Union said.

As much as she enjoys yelling at the other players, she makes sure to check Wade every now and then. When Conan asked if she does make remarks towards him, Union replied: “Oh sure, I feel like who’s gonna tell him if not me?”

The best part was when she talked about Dick Bavetta, the famous 72-year-old referee who lost to Charles Barkley in a race during NBA All-Star weekend in 2007. The race was for a $75,000 charitable donation to the Las Vegas, Nevada Boys & Girls Club. Barkley won by a narrow margin, but also ran the entire race backwards.

“Recently, like maybe last week, there was an older ref, perhaps it was Dick Bavetta, and I said, ‘You’ll get your Viagra if you just make a call,'” Union said.

Clearly, no one is safe when the wrath of Gabrielle Union comes slamming down. If she is this intense after the Heat already clinched a playoff berth I do not even want to know what is going to happen during the playoffs. That is, if her boyfriend permits her entrance into the game.

Check out the video of Union on Conan at teamcoco.com.

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