Ross’s actions are anti-Cromartie

It appears that Aaron Ross is one of the good guys in the NFL. He loves and supports his wife. In other words, he does what he is supposed to do.

Ross’s wife, Sanya Richards-Ross, is a high-level sprinter. She was part of the team which won relay gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Richards-Ross plans on competing again in the 2012 summer Olympics.

Unfortunately, Ross was unable to watch his then girlfriend be a part of a gold metal. Ross missed his loved one etch her name in US history because he was at work. Ross was at the NY Giants training camp.

Ross will not miss her monumental accomplishments this time around.

Richards-Ross still must qualify for the team, but with her pedigree, she is expected to make the team. US team trials will be held in June.

Ross planned the trip as a free agent before he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this off-season.

He applauded the Jaguars for their understanding of the situation.

“That’s really huge,” Ross said Wednesday. “It speaks volumes about what they’re trying to preach here. They preach family first here, and they’re not just preaching it. They’re actually showing it firsthand. It was important to me and they made it happen.”

Ross will attend his wife’s final race on August 14 or 15. He said he wants to attend some of training camp.

This is a risky move when joining a new team because you never know how your employer will react when you ask for personal time, especially early into a contract.

It is nice to see an organization value family as much as its rhetoric would have you believe. It’s also nice to see a story about an athlete which counterbalances the Antonio Cromartie foolishness.

This story suffices.