VIDEO: Genoa Ultras Force Team To Hand Over Jerseys Against Siena

I think we can file this latest story in the “soccer fans are insane” category.  Genoa was taking on Siena in Serie A match, and things were not going well for Genoa.  In fact, the fans became so enraged that the team was down 4-0, they forced the team to hand over their jerseys in a bizarre situation.  The Genoa ultras are maybe over the top, but it certainly was effective.  Some quotes from the situation:

The club’s ultras then took action by blocking the entrance to the dressing room as they wanted the players to hand their jerseys over on the grounds that they were not “worthy” of the colours.

All of the Genoa players incredibly cooperated, except loan striker Giuseppe Sculli, who refused to remove his shirt, while wing back Giandomenico Mesto broke down in tears.

Captain Marco Rossi, who was given the responsibility of taking the jerseys and passing them on to the ultras, proceeded to go over to the group of supporters in a bid to bargain with them.

Um, that does not happen every day.  Luckily, the supporters backed down and allowed the match to continue.  However, I think this is something that could be effective in other sports.  Mad that your favorite team is playing like crap?  Demand that they hand over their jerseys.  If the are not worthy, they are not worthy.  It is as simple as that.

This will probably be ignored stateside, but it shouldn’t be.  This is just insane, yet it is also awesome.