Pilar Sanders Attacks Deion Sanders?

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The life of Deion Sanders is apparently never easy.  According to Prime Time’s Twitter account, he was attacked by his ex-wife Pilar and one of her friends while in the presence of their children.  His ex wife will be going to jail as Sanders plans on pressing charges against her.

Pilar has attempted to sue Sanders for a boatload of cash, so this could be related to that.  Either that, or she is a certifiable nut case.  I am starting to lean toward the latter.  She had to have known this would only end poorly.  Trying to jump the guy?  Come on man.  Not a smart play.

Sanders could also be making the entire thing up.  We only have his side of the story and he could be lying to create sympathy for himself in light of the lawsuit.  Whatever the case may be, this thing is certainly not normal.  Without Twitter, we would never know about this.  Instead, we know about it right after it took place.

We will try to find a solid follow up on this as more information comes out.  I am sure Sanders will waste no time updating us from his Twitter account.  If Pilar Sanders ends up in jail, then you know that Deion was telling the truth.

The worst thing about this is that the kids saw this.  That is surely not going to screw them up at all.  Nothing like watching Mommy attack Daddy to cause some deep seeded issues down the line.

For those interested, here is a photo of Sanders filling out his police report.

UPDATE: According to reports, Pilar Sanders was taken to the hospital as she claims she needs medical attention. Yeah, this story is too friggin odd.