Pilar Sanders Arrested For Assaulting Deion Sanders

By Riley Schmitt

Thanks to Black Sports Online, we are able to report that Pilar Sanders has been arrested for assaulting Deion Sanders earlier on Monday.  If you missed it, Sanders tweeted about being attacked by his wife and one of her friends.  He then took a picture of him and his kids filling out an arrest report.

This situation is borderline cooky.  How can you deal with this?  I feel awful for those kids, because this thing is getting out of hand.  It is all happening in public.  Who wants to have their parents issues spread to the entire world?  Sanders thought he was doing right by tweeting the incident, but look at it now.  It is feeding itself.

I would not be shocked if this case gets even weirder.  It gets crazier by the day.  What is next, Sanders and Pilar live tweeting an argument?  This is nuts.  I can not believe that these two people are letting this happen in front of their kids.

As always, we will keep you updated on this case as it goes.  I would not be shocked if another twist develops.  Maybe it was all a ruse and Deion will end up getting arrested.  It will be a giant game of he said, she said.  The kids will be the ones who will fail.  They will have to testify about their parents issues in court.  Who exactly wants that? I know for a fact that I would not want to deal with that situation in my personal life.


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