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Videos: Do Not Celebrate a Score in Rugby Until It Is Official

There are moments in sport where you take the wrong decision and it costs your team or it halts your own individual progress. You tried something and it did not come off. Fair enough. However, sometimes it is not because you tried something innovative that you failed.

In England the top professional rugby union league, the Aviva Premiership, is a stomping ground for some of the biggest names in the sport. There are cameras everywhere, games mean a lot to sponsors and investors alike and heroes can be uncovered with one play of brilliance.

When you try and showboat, though, you will suffer for it and there will be no one to blame but yourself.

Look at this careless and ultimately selfish bit of showboating from Bath player Sam Vesty. By not scoring here he has potentially lost his side a place in the biggest European competition, the Heineken Cup which is the rugby equivalent of the Champions League. This in turn may well have lost his club a lot of money or at least an opportunity to make some.


This is not the first time the league has seen a player flirt with showboating and come up looking rather foolish.


There is a moral to this story. It is a fairly simple one. So simple, in fact, that it can be spread out to be interpreted for any sport where a goal, try, touchdown, basket or target can be scored: do not celebrate until you and those around you are completely sure that what you claim to have achieved is official.

After that you can celebrate as much as you want and the cameras will capture it all…