5 Hot Pictures of Kate Upton

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Feast Your Eyes on Kate Upton


Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Kate Upton, the model who took the United States, all of Europe and every other part of the warm-blooded world by storm last year and hasn't let up since. It used to be "Kate Who?" but now it's "Kate Wow" as pictures of Upton's flood the internet on a daily basis. Folks (mostly guys) simply can't get enough of her and how can you blame them? Just look at her!

Seriously, the term "eye candy" doesn't do her justice. If you didn't see her on the cover of Sports Illustrated's "Swimsuit Edition," you haven't lived. However, the pictures of her in this slide show are just as good, if not better. Ah, who are we kidding? You're not reading this anyway. If you are, go ahead and click through this slide show for some serious eye candy. You won't regret it.

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Nice Tan Line

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She Does the Retro Look So Well

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Can I Sit Next to Her on This Flight?

Kate's Twitter account: @KateUpton
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Where is that Beach and Where is the Rest of This Picture?

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She Even Looks Good Lounging