Chicago Cubs Fans Trekking Across Country to Crack The Curse

On February 25, 2012, five Arizona men (and a goat) left Mesa on their quest to walk across the country for two causes– to break the Chicago Cubs World Series curse, and to raise money and awareness for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington.

The group, on average, has walked around 20-25 miles per day, and has a goal of reaching Wrigley Field in Chicago on Friday, May 28th. In true Cubs fan fashion, the five men are walking with a billy goat named Wrigley, whom they hope will help them to break the infamous curse of Billy Sianis’ goat.

Billy Sianis brought his goat to 1908 World Series game against the Detroit Tigers. The goat’s odor was strong enough that Sianis was asked to leave the park, at which time he placed a World Series curse on the Cubs many still believe lasts to today.

This particular goat, Wrigley, walks around 10 miles per day, and the men drag him the remainder of each day’s trek on a specially-designed cart.

Kyle Townsend, Blake Ferrell, Matt Gregory, P.J. Fisher and Phillip Aldrich are all Cubs fans– except for Fisher who maintains an allegiance to the Arizona Diamondbacks– and are walking for two very worthy causes.

So far the men have raised $6,000 toward their $100,000 goal for the Hutchinson Cancer Center, which provided care to one of the walker’s mothers during her own fight with the disease.

We wish all five guys the best of luck as they trek through the next month, not only in their desire to raise money for a worthy cause, but to help “break” a curse which has confounded Cubs fans for generations.

I have huge respect for their effort– on both fronts.

Billy Sainis would even have to crack a smile this time around.

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