VIDEO: Armands Skele Impossible Shot In Estonia

I believe that Armands Skele is the clubhouse leader for basketball shot of the year after this amazing play in Estonia a couple of days ago.  The ball was going out of bounds and Skele dove to save the ball.  He threw it towards the basket and he just happened to make it like it was nothing.

You would be hard pressed to find a better basketball shot over the year.  It is nearly impossible.  That shot requires a lot of luck and a lot of skill.  I can’t believe that shot went in.  I have seen shots like that before, but never executed in a high level game like that.

I can not stop watching it.  It is such a pretty shot.  Skele is going to be famous for a couple days because of this shot.  You should see this shot all over the highlight shows for the next couple of days.  I can not imagine making a shot like this.

The announcer was also extremely excited about this shot.  Why would you not be?  You rarely get to see this shot in any level, so go crazy announcer guy.  You deserve it.

See, this is what we need to add to All-Star games.  Have people do trick shots.  The HORSE game was a good idea, but it wasn’t executed very well.  Bring in some people like this to try to replicate their best shots.  That would surely drive interest in the ASG weekend.

Thanks to Sportsgrid for the video.

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