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Bo Pelini Nebraska Cornhusker Head Football Coach Should Fire Ron Brown An Assistant For Anti-Gay Comments

Last night Eric Haftel of Rant Sports wrote a wonderful piece in regards to a tweet from Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy. The subject was the kiss cam and McCarthy’s tweet stated “they put two guys on the ‘Kiss Cam’ tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend.” McCarthy received plenty of props on Twitter for his stance and those were definitely deserved. Yet, it’s unfortunate that not everybody is one the same boat.

Today an article came out by Eric Olson of the Associated Press about Nebraska Cornhuskers assistant football coach, Ron Brown spoke at a Omaha City Council meeting for three minutes denouncing a anti-discrimination ordinance that would extend protections to transgenders and gays.  Brown “challenged ordinance sponsor Ben Gray and other members to remember that the Bible does not condone homosexuality. He told council members they would be held to ‘great accountability’ for the decision you are making.”

On May 7th Lincoln will also attempt to pass a similar measure and Brown said that  “he is praying about speaking in opposition if his schedule allows.”  What makes his comments worse is that he “acknowledges that he uses his position as a platform for his ministry. He sprinkles in football metaphors during his many speaking engagements and sometimes references the players he’s coached”

Since Brown uses Nebraska as his crutch it’s definitely understandable that a number of groups have called for his firing  and the reality is the person who should be firing Brown is head coach Bo Pelini. According to Pelini though he won’t do it  and he said in that same article that ”I hired him because he’s a good football coach. He’s trustworthy. He has a lot of integrity. I hired him because I believe in him as a football coach and a guy who has positive impact on kids.” While that’s very admirable of Pelini, the reality is Brown should not be using his affiliation with Nebraska to further his own personal agenda.

Pelini should give Brown an ultimatum and put a stop to this once and for all and if Brown chooses not too, then he should be fired. Brown is certainly entitled to his own opinion, there’s no arguing that, yet when he is employed by a public university he does need to censor his comments and distance himself from the university. Brown is a molder of young men and he should be teaching them the value of respecting others regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation.

For Brown he certainly is entitled to his opinion and has the ability to express them, just because he can doesn’t mean he shouldn’t suffer the consequences especially when Brown is fanning the seeds of hatred and ignorance and that is why Pelini should be firing Brown or maybe Brown could actually learn something like Tim Hardaway did after he had made homophobic comments about John Amaechi. It’s really simple though a person should be treated with respect and should be not be discriminated based on sexual orientation and it’s a shame that someone in Brown’s position would actually attempt to speak out against something like that.