VIDEO: ESPN Anchor Calls Out Co-Host On SportsCenter For Flirting

By Michael Terrill

ESPN anchor Steve Weissman is one ballsy dude. Typically, when the one hour block of “SportsCenter” comes to an end the two anchors will make a joke or say something entertaining to one another as they roll into the next live hour. Weissman did that and then some. The video is courtesy of Chris Chase over at Yahoo! Sports.

Weissman tried to act cool by casually pointing out that his married female co-anchor, Sage Steele, was flirting with New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker while conducting an in-studio interview. Steele was completely taken back and responded by saying, “Excuse me?” Watch the interview of Steele and Welker on Deadspin.

Steele screwed up Welker’s name right away in the beginning of the interview and asked him, jokingly, what his name was. Welker laughed and played along by screwing it up as well, which was funny, but not flirtatious. She then went on to ask how much better Welker can be after signing the franchise tag and then asked him some boring questions about Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen. Steele then hit him with some wedding questions which Welker responded with a couple of funny remarks. All-in-all Steele seemed nervous from the get-go and Welker could probably tell so he attempted to be funny to make things less awkward.

I could see where Weissman would think she was flirting, but either way there is no reason to say that live on the air. Calling out a co-anchor for anything is a complete no-no. Although, I’m sure the ratings instantly went up after it happened. I did think it was funny when Steele mouthed “I’m married,” and awkwardly looked at the camera with bug-eyes.

I cannot imagine what took place off camera but I am sure Weissman got a lesson in the differences between flirting and being courteous to live guests.

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