Tennessee baseball player fails after winning.

The notion of collateral damage should not apply to a high school baseball player after an eighth inning, game-winning home run. Unfortunately for senior Jameson Painter, it rang true.

After leading his Tennessee high school, Chuckey-Doak to a 7-3 victory over Jonesboro University High, Painter found an interesting souvenir embedded in his windshield. It was the home run ball that he had recently crushed. His tools (baseball, bat) that served him so well in the eighth inning, are now the enemy of his wallet.

The fact that a deep drive over the right-field fence cracked Painter’s windshield is ironic because he took proactive steps to prevent what happened. Before the game, Painter moved his car further from the baseball stadium.

It turns out that when your elementary school teacher told you to always stay with your first mind he/she was correct.

Painter’s head coach was certainly torn about the outcome.

“We were all talking before the game that it wasn’t a good place to park because he was liable to hit one there,” Chuckey-Doak (Tenn.) High baseball coach Dustin Morrow told the Sun. “Sure enough, he did. I’m glad he hit the home run but feel bad because now he has to buy a new windshield.”

Hopefully for his high school team, Chuckey-Doak, Painter will continue hitting homeruns for the totality of this season. However his wallet will appreciate it if he takes it easy on his car.