Rooftop Missile Launchers to Protect 2012 London Olympics

By Kris Hughes

Since the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and the subsequent September 11, 2011 attacks in New York City, international organizations have been on watch in regards to levels of safety at major events.

The organizing committee for this summer’s London Olympic Games is certainly no exception, as they have already instituted measures some have deemed excessive, but not wholly unreasonable.

The most recent of these measures was uncovered today, as the London Olympic security group plans to install rooftop missile launchers at an upscale development near Olympic Park.

According to the organizers:

The site is one of a number around the capital the army is considering as bases for surface-to-air missiles to protect the London games from an aerial attack, the Ministry of Defence said.

It is the first time such missiles have been deployed in London since the end of World War Two, shocking some residents at the Bow Quarter housing development, sited in a converted red-brick Victorian match factory.

The decision has confounded people living in the development who believe the measures are excessive and drastic. Along with the spectre of the missile launchers on the buildings, there will also be substantial traffic delays in the area surrounding Olympic Park as security personnel conduct random searches of cars and vehicles entering the grounds.

The total security bill so far for the Games, according to Reuters, is $1.6 billion, and could escalate rapidly as more measures are taken over the course of the next few months.

When it comes to an event of international magnitude, however, one can never be too safe.

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