Hottest Ice Girls Still Left In the 2012 NHL Playoffs

By gilgerard

The NHL playoffs no longer have meaning to me because my beloved Chicago Blackhawks sucked it up against the ridiculous Phoenix Coyotes. What upsets me most? Phoenix is 200 degrees every day! How is there even ice in that state! Okay, at this point, I’m just bitter. I’m upset. What makes me happy? Ice girls. Ice girls that look real good.

There are only 8 teams left in the NHL playoffs, so we’re under demand from the powers that be at Rant Sports to only do this slide show of girls that are still around. The question is, how many of them should I do? How many of them do you want to see?

If you want, let me me know if you approve of said hot ladies. You might not, I have different tastes than you in terms of pretty ladies. I do think we can all agree on: ice girls are HOT!

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