The Brooklyn Nets Era Has Officially Begun

By Marian Hinton

There’s a new team in Brooklyn.

The New Jersey Nets are officially no longer, as the team packed up and left for New York.

It isn’t the first time the Nets have found a new home.

Created in 1967 as members of the American Basketball Association, the team was orignally based in Teaneck, NY and was named the New Jersey Americans. Their time in Teaneck lasted just one season, however, as they moved to Long Island the following year, where they reamined for the next 10 seasons and were officially named the New York Nets.

In 1968, the team packed up and moved back to New Jersey, but this time Newark, becoming the New Jersey Nets.

In 1976, they became members of the NBA.

Over the years, the New Jersey Nets have had sporadic success, winning two ABA titles, but none in the NBA, despite their their two conference titles.

It was announced late last year that the team’s days in New Jersey would be over when the season ended, and the name of the future team was revealed by part-owner and rapper, Jay-Z at a concert in September.

Over the last several weeks, the organization has been teasing it’s new logo on billboards throughout New York with the hashtag #hellobrooklyn. Today, their new logo was officially unveiled.

Designed by Jay-Z, the logo includes the same shield used by the New Jersey Nets but the color-scheme is no longer red, white, and blue, but instead, black and white.

Despite the excitement over the organization’s recent announcement, the Nets didn’t fare well on the court this season. Again.

They finished the year with an abysmal 22-44 record, including a six-game losing streak to end the season.

The Nets, however, may have to move on without their star player.

This summer Deron Williams will become a free agent, and the point guard has stated that winning is the most important thing, leaving many to believe that he will no longer be with the Nets next season.

Nevertheless, it’s a new chapter in the Nets history, and it begins today.


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