VIDEO: Scary Cycling Crash During Rock Lititz Tour

By Riley Schmitt

Holy bike crash, Batman.  This crash comes from us courtesy of Deadspin and it happened Sunday during the Rock Lititz Tour.  I think there may be a problem when your leading racer nearly kills himself on a barricade coming of a corner.  That does not look like it is designed to be safe to take that turn.

The video commentary sums up my reaction.  I was in shock while watching this video.  They are lucky someone did not get killed during that.  That was an extremely fast wipeout and metal isn’t exactly the most forgiving substance in the world.  One rider even had the barricade fall on top of him after the wreck.

The Youtube upload says that the first rider was up and walking but was taken away in ambulance just to be safe.  I think the fact that he was up and walking is a minor miracle.  The crash was so fast and so vicious, he had to have broke something.  If he didn’t, he should be thanking every major and minor deity that he knows of.

Cycling tends to only get coverage during the Tour de France or when something scary like this happens.  I personally think they are crazy, because only bad things can happen when you are biking that fast in a giant group.  Everything is a chain reaction, just like in the video.  Everyone escaped this time, but next time they may not be so lucky.  Who knows, an antelope might be coming from them next time.

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