The Honorable Warren Sapp?

It’s been an intersting year for former Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp.

Nearly a month ago, the former NFL star, who earns $45,000/month as an analyst for the NFL Network, was taken off the air for falsely reporting that former New Orleans Saints’ tight end Jeremy Shockey was the one responsible for leaking the Saints Bounty System to the media. It is widely believed that Sapp’s contract, which ends this August, will not be renewed.

Then, to make matters worse, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Oakland Raider standout declared bankruptcy, claiming that although he was worth $6.4 million, he owed $6.7 million to various creditors, four different women in alimony and child support, and the IRS.

But things may finally be looking up for the probably future Hall-of-Famer as he has found himself a new “career”.

Meet the “honorable” Warren Sapp.

No, he obviously isn’t a real judge, but he does plan to play one on TV.

Onset Productions recently announced that the former defensive tackle who is used to dispensing his own form of justice on the field, will now be doing so in a mock-courtroom  starring as the judge in a courtroom-based reality show.

Think of it as a sports-version of the People’s Court, or Judge Judy. But this one will feature the boisterous, highly-opinionated “Judge” Sapp.

Though no date release date has been announced for the first airing of the show, it will eventually air on NOC Network’s YouTube Channel.

If that sounds interesting, you are in luck. The show is seeking extras to serve as members of the courtroom audience.

The $50 they are paying may not seem like a lot, but I must admit; watching Warren Sapp preside over a courtroom, real or not, could be pretty entertaining.

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