Video: Charles Barkley and Shaq Talk WWE; Lawler Piledrives a Fan at Grizzlies Game

By Andrew Fisher

Last night on the NBA on TNT, analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal got side tracked from the highlight reel, with a little WWE talk.

It all starts with a clip of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler (Memphis resident) piledriving a fan during a timeout from the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies game:

First of all, that piledriver from Lawler was sick. I have’t seen an old school piledriver in ages, so it was great to see someone finally stepping up to the plate. I think with all the new safety guidelines in wrestling anymore, that piledrivers just aren’t allowed, unless your name is Mark Calaway aka the Undertaker.

Secondly, props to Charles and Shaq for totally getting off topic once again. This is why I love watching the NBA on TNT, and why Inside the NBA is the best basketball show on the air.

I loved the fact that they acknowledged the Brock Lesnar and John Cena fued. Charles had a great quote,

“Brock Lesnar, you better leave John Cena alone, or me and Shaq comin for you, John Cena’s my man!”

To which Shaq replied,

“How you know I’m not with Brock?”

The clip ends with highlights from Shaq’s last encounter with the Big Show from a few years ago. Shaq was rumored to be participating at Wrestlemania this year, but apparently couldn’t get a deal done with WWE.

I would be all for Shaq in a wrestling match, it’s the perfect mix of sports and entertainment. Maybe next year…

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