Vote Jose Canseco for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game?

By d.j. Stockton

Well kids it’s that time of year again when you can vote for your favorite Major League Baseball Players to represent their teams in the All-Star Game.  This year’s game will be played in Kansas City at the newly renovated Kauffman Stadium which is in need of a good team to play in it since the Royals certainly haven’t been on top of the standings in recent years.  But the 2012 All Star Game could be different from years past for one specific reason and no it’s not because the Home Run Derby will feature balls constantly splashing in those beautiful fountains.  It will be because Jose Canseco will be there?  Wait, is that right?  The same Jose Canseco who was begging for a tryout with any and every team during the offseason?  Yup, that’s him.  I think his reason invitation to Fenway Park has gone to his head because his new ingenious idea is to have fans (that’s us) write his name in.  Would that be the American or National League and what team?


Oh Jose, you are certainly keeping us entertained on Twitter as you can see by his Tweets below begging for your votes:


[blackbirdpie id=”197861755815333888″]


[blackbirdpie id=”197863827465961474″]


[blackbirdpie id=”198616071194951680″]


So if you are so inclined to help Jose Canseco out you can go ahead and write him in when you vote for your 2012 All-Stars at or your favorite team’s website.  Maybe it’s worth a shot on at least one of your possible 25 All-Star Ballots per email address.  I’m nearly completely sure that even if Canseco received enough votes they wouldn’t let him in the game but you never know, maybe MLB would allow him to just to shut him up.  Stranger things have happened in this crazy sport we call baseball.


In the words of many great politicians, vote early and vote often for your 2012 All-Stars and don’t forget about Jose Canseco.  And give Jose Canseco a follow at @JoseCanseco on Twitter because he’s always good for a laugh.

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