Kentucky Derby: I'll Have Another Takes The Crown

By gilgerard

I’ll have Another decided to bring the noise on Saturday, and won the Kentucky Derby. The special horse has now been added to an elite group of horses and will forever be linked to the word champion. Mario Gutierrez was the jockey in charge, and he really led the horse to victory with some outstanding writing. What I was really impressed with was the horse getting the title even though he started in the 19th post. It’s pretty cool seeing as no horse has run the Kentucky Derby starting in that post in 138 runnings of the race. Pretty awesome stuff.

The major question now will be if I’ll Have Another can make a run at the glamorous triple crown. I’d be really impressed if he can as it just doesn’t happen much. Why can’t I’ll have another make a special run? When it comes to these amazing animals, anything can happen. I know I’ll be tuning in from somewhere to check out the horse in the next race. We’ll have to see what happens as we move forward, but I know I can’t wait.

I’d love to hear more details about the race from someone who was there, so if you were lucky enough to attend- please send some eye witness reports my way!

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