Anthony Davis Has Picture Mimicked By Baby From Louisville

By Riley Schmitt

Anthony Davis is going to be a star in the NBA.  You can mark that down right now.  Monday night, Davis was signing autographs when a couple from Louisville came up with the best picture to get signed.  Earlier in the year, Davis took a photo behind five basketballs with his arms outstretched.  Baby Aiden posed for the same picture and had it autographed by Davis.

That is just a great picture of the baby and Anthony Davis.  Davis is going to be a star not only off the court, but on the court.  He’s insightful and well-spoken.  He’s a PR dream and he’s going to make some team very happy.  You can market him and rebuild your franchise around him.

If presidential candidates are used to kissing babies, athletes autographing pictures of babies imitating them has to be the next step.  If they can pull off a move like Aiden did, the sky is the limit for them.  It is a great picture, even though Aiden will have a zero percent chance of remembering exactly went down.  That’s what sucks about being really young or really old.  Your memory is non-existent.

This is a great moment and I think we can all appreciate it.  Baby Aiden has a memento and Davis was great enough to shoot this picture out of him and the baby.  Good job by everyone involved.

Remember, if there is one thing that Rant Sports likes, it is athletes taking time to interact with their fans, even if their fans spend all day eating, sleeping, crying, and pooping.


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