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Terrell Owens To Go On Dr. Phil With Three Baby Mothers To Discuss Child Support Issues

Terrell Owens is back in the spotlight, but I have the feeling that this is not how he was hoping it would go.  The former NFL wideout will be appearing on Dr. Phil on Tuesday to discuss his paternity issues.  Owens will not be alone, as three of his baby mothers will be joining him on the set.

I find that to be fascinating.  In situations like this, only one person normally confronts the deadbeat dad.  Now three people are going to?  That is just awesome.  I can not stand Dr. Phil, but I might need to carve some time out of my day to watch that.  Afterwards, I might have to lift weights and run for five miles just to feel more manly, but still.

In all seriousness, this is a bad issue.  Owens has lost all of his money and he can not pay child support.  He’s reduced to playing minor league football and no one in the league will take a sniff of him.  It is a sad story but it could serve as a lesson.  Players MUST save their money.  You can not live like the money is never ending.  Otherwise, you end up on daytime TV getting yelled at about lost child support payments.

If you are a current player in the league, you should watch this episode and hope that you never end up on it.  If you fail to heed from past mistakes, you will probably end up like TO.  If that’s the case, you are fair game for anyone at Rant Sports to question your life choices.