Shawn Kemp And Steve Kelly Performs Shakespeare For Charity

Shawn Kemp made his bones in the NBA by being a ferocious dunker and a little bit insane.  Kemp was most famous for basically flying off the handle at the end of his career, but it looks like he has made some strides in life.  Kemp recently teamed up with Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times to perform a little Shakespeare to benefit Seattle’s Shakespeare Company.

Honestly, it is not bad.  I am not anything close to a Shakespeare fan but Kemp did a nice job of pulling it off.  Who knew that he actually had it in him?  Outside of poster dunks and fathering kids, I wasn’t sure that Kemp had a lot going for him.  It’s a classy move to support a company that probably needs it.  I can’t imagine that Shakespeare has a lot of support going for it these days.

This could be a way to get Kemp back in the spotlight.  Capitalize on his fame and have him do Shakespeare around the country.  If he falls off the wagon again, at least it has the potential for some comedy.  There really is no way to lose in this situation.  You are bound to get some good publicity out of it regardless.

All jokes aside, I am happy for Kemp.  I really don’t remember him at his peak, but him and Gary Payton gave the Seattle SuperSonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder for you young kids) quite a star tandem.  Here at Rant Sports, we hope that Kemp can continue to raise money for charity.   His next goal should be him dunking over Jim McIlvaine.  Bring the whole wagon full circle.

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