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Eli Manning Gets Confused for Aaron Rodgers by Some Kid on Teen Jeopardy

Teen Jeopardy: Where confusing Eli Manning for Aaron Rodgers happens.

This shows exactly why being a bookworm gets you nowhere in life. Okay, not really, but this is pretty terrible. In literally the first time in five years, I happened to watch Jeopardy today while the Chicago White Sox had a rain delay. I saw it was the Teen Tournament, which is always good for laugh because either I don’t know the questions, or some kid totally botches something insanely easy. In the case of the Kevin – the broski holding down the left podium – he failed basic sports stars 101.

As you can see from the video, the category was Sports Stars or something similar to that, and Kevin had the biggest softball in the history of the world. All he had to do was identify the man in the picture, with the clue being he was the current Super Bowl MVP. So not only was the question easier than about anything in the world, but he also had a picture to go with it. It should be obvious to anyone who a) watched the Super Bowl b) watched Saturday Night Live c) watches commercials and d) isn’t a complete dolt who the answer was.

Kevin decided to buzz in immediately, confidently saying Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Cool answer last year, maybe. How do you get Aaron Rodgers confused with Eli Manning? Seriously, Kevin? You fail at life. I don’t care if you know who attacked Myanmar in 1843 if you can’t differentiate Aaron Rodgers from Eli Manning. Cripes.

The best and most comical part of the video is Rose – the eventual champion – laughing immediately after Alex Trebek served Kevin. It’s as if she knew how ridiculous his answer was. It’s a good thing Krishna stepped up in the clutch and got the right answer. I’m sure while studying for his AP Physics exam, he watched about five minutes of the Super Bowl and had Eli Manning locked in with his photographic memory.

Way to live up to stereotypes, kiddos. So what if I had no idea there was an election yesterday? I know the difference between Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers, and that’s what counts!

Update: Thanks to the ever so polite readers, I guess there was a malfunction with the picture, and Kevin got his points back. I must have happened missed it flipping back and forth. I deeply apologize to Kevin, and give more props to Krishna for knocking it out of the park, even with a malfunctioning prompter.

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