Ultimate Sacrifice Made By Arsenal Fan for His Girlfriend

Rivalry in sport is something that burns within each fan. We need opposition. If you support the Texas Longhorns you have to hate the Oklahoma Sooners. Yankees hate the Red Sox. Lakers and the Celtics are at each other. There is El Clasico in Spain. There is the Old Firm in Scotland (for now). There are thousands of local rivalries.

In European soccer every team has a local rival. The ones they want to beat. They make games more interesting and they help sell tickets. For example, with Manchester’s City and United fighting for the crown, the English Premier League has become all the more interesting.

In London there are a few, but the most venomous spat tends to be that between North London outfits Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The Gunners hate Spurs, and vice versa. If either side is having a stagnant season, they draw comfort from the failings of the other. Both are right beside each other in the EPL.

So if a fan was forced, for some reason or other, to wear their rivals shirt outside the home ground of the team they actually support it would most certainly hurt.


This is Arsenal fan Luke McQueen. I do not know what he has done in order to go to such drastic measures, but he is making the ultimate sacrifice here for love. He must have destroyed a priceless Ming Vase or hit her dad or gotten her fired or something huge. Watching this is similar to watching someone getting hit in the crotch.

Just look at the pain on his face. Just look at the other people looking at him in disgust.

Good luck, Luke. Hope it was worth it.

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