Bo Jackson Dominates Super Mario Brothers, Tecmo Bowl Style

By Riley Schmitt

Bo Jackson was one of a kind when it came to playing in the NFL. Although his career was cut down by injuries, Jackson had some amazing plays. However, he wasn’t known for his actual career. Jackson became famous thanks to a little football game called “Tecmo Bowl.”  Some genius decided to mash the Tecmo version of Bo Jackson up with Super Mario Brothers.

Why yes, this video is amazing.  I mean, everyone who ever played Tecmo Bowl understands what is going on.  Bo Jackson could not be stopped.  Heck, you could even call the right defensive play and he would still score.  There is a reason a lot of people banned their friends from using Jackson.  It is just not fair to be playing against someone like that.

The only sad things is that Bo never actually played Tecmo Bowl.  It is responsible for his fame, but he never got to play the game.  I honestly wish I could play Tecmo Bowl with Bo Jackson.  You know, give him a little bit of an introduction to the game and just let it ride.

I think we need to see Bo Jackson dominating more old school video games.  I would honestly love to watch Jackson in about any game you could think of.  Contra, Metroid, Mortal Kombat, you name it.  Bo Jackson would own it and you would enjoy playing as his unstoppable character.

Riley Schmitt is a featured columnist for Rant Sports.  He spent way too much time playing Tecmo Bowl when he was younger and once considered putting that on a resume.

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