Anthony Davis Struggles To Eat A Blazin Wing From Buffalo Wild Wings

Anthony Davis is about to become a millionaire but that does not mean he is above a challenge.  I am assuming that Davis was dared by one of his friends to take the ultimate test at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Davis had a Blazin wing, or the hottest sauce that they have.  The struggle face that Davis put on was priceless.

You got to get milk with that if you are going to try that, Anthony.  Water does absolutely nothing.  The pain won’t go away with water, only something like milk.  Props for trying to conquer the wing, though.  I have never thought about touching one of those stupid things.  That thing is way too hot to eat.  I can not fathom how people enjoy stuff like that.

Thankfully, this video was taken.  Whoever pulled out the old smart phone deserves a prize.  Davis’s struggle is one of the funnier things out there.  He is known to roll with the punches like this.  He’s a very smart individual who happens to be ready to make a lot of money playing basketball.  The kid in him still doesn’t back down from a challenge.  That is a great combination.

At least he learned his lesson in this instance.  Never take the Blazin Challenge at BWW.  Not many survive and those who do are not exactly happy about it.  You end up attempting to drown your face in your water cup like Davis did.

Riley Schmitt is writer for Rant Sports.  The Blazin challenge scares him to death.