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Usain Bolt Dumps Girlfriend to Train For Olympics

I’ve heard of guys dumping their girlfriends for many reasons. Heck, I’ve come up with a few good reasons myself! Usain Bolt is a world class athlete looking to defend a ton of gold medels. There was no way he could train and give attention to his lightning hot lady at the same time- right? Right. Which is why Usain Bolt dumped her to concentrate on the olympics.

Great move Usain. You need to focus on one thing- winning! Okay I’m kidding. Who in the heck dumps a girl as hot as Lubica Slovak? That’s just silly. I mean, ladies that look like that don’t come around every 14 months, so dumping her to train is one of the dumbest reasons of all time. If you don’t like her- fine. But to train for the olympics? Come on now man! She could have served as some solid…REAL solid motivation during your work outs.

Sigh. Tell you what. Lubica, come hang out with us at! We would NOT dump you to go train, or write articles. We would probably bow to your existence. I’m not sure how everyone else works, but if she was in the office every day? HA! Forget about working.

I hope Usain Bolt wins all the gold medels he can. It didn’t cost him much. Just a 10 on the Gil Gerard scale of hotness. Sheesh, what a maroon.


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