De Graafschap Midfielder Rogier Meijer's Young Daughter Comes To His Side After Relegation

By Eric Haftel

In what might just be the sweetest image of the year, a young daughter has come to the side of her father as he sat on the ground in disbelief.

De Graafschap midfielder Rogier Meijer was in shock, sitting on the soccer field shaking his head, in an image that we have all seen numerous times. Just when you thought you had seen it all, out of nowhere, his young daughter, Saar, came to his side.

Saar, wearing a De Graafschap shirt with her dad’s number and her own name on the back, came and put a hand on her father’s shoulder and checked to see if he was OK. He shook his head and laid back while she stood over him trying to show him that she was there for him.

This came on Sunday, after De Graafschap was relegated from the Dutch Eredivisie after managing just a 1-1 draw at home in a playoff game against FC Den Bosch.

This scene truly puts it all in perspective. A young daughter coming to her father’s side. It is so simple, yet so beautiful. I think we all forget that athletes are still normal people. They have normal lives of the field. They have families with wives, sons, daughters, and pets too.

At the end of the day, they are just like us. Sure, they make a ton of money to play a game that they love, but they have normal problems and lives like ours.

Athletes often live and die on the field, but their families are there to pick them up in the shadows. This time, we got to see it, and we got to see an athlete as a human being. For that, I am thankful and happy.

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