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Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox: Best Sign Ever?

What would the game of baseball be without a little father and son bonding? For over a century, dads and sons across the country have shared in America’s favorite pastime, spending time together while rooting for their favorite teams and players.

Throughout the years, these tender moments have been caught on film. We’ve all seen the memorable pictures of a dads and their sons cheering a ball knocked out of the park. We’ve seen them cheering and booing together. We’ve witnessed them sharing hotdogs or peanuts. We’ve watched as they try to catch foul balls. We’ve seen little boys eyes light up when their dads buy them their first souvenirs.

Yet sometimes those moments may not be so tender. The perfect example of such is this photo of a father and son taken Monday at a Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox game. The Tigers went on to win by a score of 10-8, but this picture is what is most memorable.

Let me ask you: Have you ever seen better signs at a baseball game? Maybe, maybe not, but this one certainly has to be near the top of your list.

Courtesy of!/WorldofIsaac/

What makes the picture even more humorous is that the dad, who is clearly cheering on the Tigers, isn’t even wearing a Detroit Tigers shirt; instead, he has on a St. Louis Cardinals jersey, who coincidentally defeated the Tigers in the 2006 World Series.

Honestly, something tells me that this dad couldn’t really care less about the Tigers; he just likes to give his son a little good-natured ribbing, as does any good father.

I must say, however, it’s the son that made me laugh the hardest. Who knows what his dad is telling him, but he looks like he is dead serious.

At least he tells it like it is.