Mike Francesa Thinks Tweeting Should Be Illegal For Athletes, Media Types, And Broadcasters

By Riley Schmitt

Mike Francesa certainly knows how to create controversy. The radio host in New York believes that it should be illegal for athletes, media, and brodcasters to tweet.  That is certainly an interesting stance, but not one that should be taken seriously.

Don’t worry, that was not the only gem in that video.  Francesa also asked if you had to pay to Tweet and says that you will never catch him Tweeting.  Well, I don’t think anyone cares what Francesa has to say.  If we had to pay to Tweet, how would the Justin Bieber cult members survive?

Twitter has allowed athletes to connect with their fan base a lot more.  Sure it has its downsides, but what thing in the world doesn’t?  It allows fans to actually interact with athletes and media types to gain more information about the sport.  I love following broadcasters and beat writers on Twitter because you can get the news a lot faster than you could back in the day.

Mike Francesa seems to be a guy who is trapped in the past.  Twitter is not going anywhere.  No one is going to stop people from using it.  For every bad thing that happens, some fan gets their day made when their favorite athletes responds to one of their tweets.

Francesa could have been trying to make a joke, but it really did not come off that way.  He really thinks that Twitter should be banned for athletes and that they should get off the site as soon as possible.  I know some athletes absolutely love Twitter.  Just look at how often some of them tweet.  It is insane.

For those haters, Twitter is here to stay.  It gives us common people a way to interact with athletes that we never used to have and that is not exactly a bad thing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.   You can find on him Twitter tweeting away about anything sports related.

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