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Brett Favre Auctions Off a Day of Pitch and Catch

Brett Favre is returning to the football field in Mississippi to loosen up the ole cannon but he’s not working out for NFL scouts.

Favre auctioned off an opportunity to play catch with some lucky high schoolers with all of the proceeds going to the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The winning bid was said to be around $5,750 and the winning bidder will have the chance to toss the pigskin around with a future hall of famer on mutually agreed upon date within the next year.

The auction, which was posted on, only received 12 bids total with the winning bid falling well short of the estimated total of $10,000. His auction was only on the site for a little under a month and did not receive a minimum bid of $2,000 until three days before the auction ended on Thursday. There was a stipulation to the auction however, the bidder had to be living in the Sumrall, Mississippi area. The enthusiasm for the event was not quite what they expected and I’m sure one of the reasons was due to the restriction of living area.

The former NFL star has been out of football for almost two years now and has been involved in some controversial events since his retirement, the second and third time. He’s been accused of sexual harassment in a sexting scandal dating back to his playing days with the New York Jets. With all of the negative news surrounding Favre there has also been some positive events. His long time team, the Green Bay Packers, are considering retiring his number within the next season or two. After an ugly divorce from the franchise, Favre and the Packers are repairing their relationship, which led to the jersey retirement consideration.

Although the charity did not receive the bid it expected, a decent amount of money is still being donated for a good cause.

Hey, it’s not every day you can toss the pigskin around with a future hall of famer.