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Mini Tour Player Rhein Gibson Shoots A 16-Under 55; Possibly Lowest Score In Golf History

Raise your hand if you have heard of Rhein Gibson.  Now put your hand down, because I know that you have to be lying.  The 26 year old is a member of the Golfweek National Pro Tour and he was enjoying a round of golf at the River Oaks Golf Course in Oklahoma.  Rhein Gibson managed to shoot a 55 in 18 holes or a 16 under on the par 71 course.

This is just an insane number.  A 55?  I have never heard of people coming close to that in 18 holes.  I don’t even know if really good best ball players can hit that score in a group of four.  Rhein Gibson managed to bring 12 birdies and two eagles during his round.  I am not sure if I have gotten that many eagles and birdies in my lifetime, much less one round.

It is unclear if this is the lowest score in golf history, but it has to be close.  Rhein Gibson may have just won himself a bit of immortality if this turns out to be the lowest in history.  He may never make the PGA Tour, but who needs that when you hold the lowest score in history?  Playing on the PGA would just be an extra feather in his cap.

Rhein Gibson should be getting a lot of press after this.  This is an unheard of score.  It is possibly the wackiest scorecard I have ever seen.  So many birdies.  What an unreal day on the course for him.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.