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Fan Arrested: New York Mets Security Arrests Off Duty Cop For Changing Seats

A fan who decided to move to a better seat at Citi Field while watching the New York Mets blow a 3-2 lead was arrested for his decision by NYPD. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me.

According to the police report, Eduardo Cornejo, a thirty year old off-duty police officer,  had a paid seat to last night’s New York Mets game at Citi Field, but moved down to a better seat because Citi Field was 50% empty. Around 9:30 p.m., he was cornered by security. Cornejo supposedly refused to move back to his old seat and was promptly arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

Cornejo was approached by security around 9:30.  The game started at 7:10 and took two hours and fifty-one minutes to play.  That means it ended at 10:01, which puts the police/security approaching Cornejo probably somewhere in the seventh or eighth inning.  According to ESPN the attendance was 22,659 or 53.9% of Citi Field’s capacity.

I mean, is this what life has come down too? It’s a baseball game. He paid for a ticket, and since the Mets can’t draw to save their life, he moved down to watch professional athletes. If the seat wasn’t occupied, it should be free game.

This is the problem with sports today. If teams and organizations forget, the FANS are the ones who generate the revenue for the clubs. I mean, come on. NO ONE WAS SITTING IN THE SEAT! Why is that such a crime? It isn’t- and that’s the bottom line of the situation. Maybe more fans need to boycott teams for a year. Than we’ll see how owners and teams treat fans when revenue streams dry up, and everyone loses a lot of money.

Now I know never to visit the garbage dump known as Citi Field. I guess that’s what you can expect when the owners were involved with Bernie Madoff.