Jose Canseco Walked Twice And Struck Out Twice In Debut With Worcester Tornadoes

By Riley Schmitt

Everyone’s favorite Twitter user Jose Canseco finally made his long awaited debut with the Worcester Tornadoes.  Canseco has been trying to drum up interest for his return to baseball and he is also trying to get written in to play in the MLB All-Star game.  Canseco might want to improve on his play a bit before that happens though.

Canseco did reach base twice, but he also struck out.  In his four at bats on the night, he did not put the ball in play once.  Kind of odd from a guy known as a great hitter, but I think his better days are behind him.  He went from a feared power hitter to a guy who loves giving hugs and making everyone laugh.  I think the fact he drew two walks should be reason to celebrate.

I have no idea how Canseco’s return to baseball will work.  He could flame out in a matter of games.  It would not surprise me one bit if that were to happen.  He could tear the cover off the ball and make Twitter fall in love with him for about the 50th time over the last two months.  Every option is on the table when you are dealing with a man such as Jose Canseco.

I look forward to following the progress of Jose Canseco throughout his Worcester tenure.  I am sure that there will be some great moments and a excessive amount of hugs dished out.

For an exclusive interview with Canseco, click here.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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