Madden NFL 13 to Feature "Tebowing"

By David LaRose

If you couldn’t get enough of Tim Tebow in real life, you can now be just like him in the virtual world.

Madden NFL 13’s creative director Michael Young tweeted out the other day that “Tebowing” will be one of the new features after a player scores a touchdown.

It is still not know whether any player can “Tebow” after a touchdown or how to even trigger that particular celebration but Tebowmania has officially gone virtual.

I’m sure that the creative director’s came to a consensus and voted to put the feature into the game after the term blew up and went viral with fans all around the world “Tebowing”. It became a phenomenon last season after Tebow replaced Kyle Orton as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. From there he led the Broncos to six straight wins en route to an AFC West title and a first round upset in the playoffs over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now with the New York Jets, Tebow will have to work his way into the starting role, competing with incumbent starter Mark Sanchez. Jets head coach Rex Ryan has said that they will feature Tebow in the wildcat formation mostly and he may even play some special teams, but that is doubtful in my opinion.

Regardless of when or if Tebow hits the field this upcoming season, fans can always count on seeing the infamous “Tebowing” on their TV screen when playing Madden NFL 13.

Just like in Denver, if Sanchez starts to struggle, watch out for the chants of Tebow to take over and for “Tebowing” to take center stage on Broadway.

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