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Sports Memorabilia Site Auctioning Off KKK-Themed Baseball Bat

There are sports auctions that help memorabilia collectors across the country purchase that one crowning piece of their collection, something which they can be proud of for a lifetime.

The auction of a 1936 engraved Klu Klux Klan “presentational bat” does not fall under this category.

The 25′ bat is gold engraved on it’s handle nub with the letters “KKK”, and the organization’s famous silver cross, and is wrapped around the handle with silver leaf.  Given it’s age, the bat looks worn, but according to the auctioneer’s website, bidding will start at $1,000 on Friday, June 15th.

I know.

Who in the world would be interested in acquiring a piece of racist history, first of all?

Secondly, how does this organization have the complete lack of conscience to auction the item off for a profit?

Obviously, the answer is simple enough: there must be a market, because without a market, an auction is pointless, and with this market comes a potential for profit.

This is probably the most disturbing element of the entire situation.

It goes without saying there is still a dark, racist underbelly to our society that isn’t as visible as it once was, but it now appears that someone within this “underbelly” has at least one grand to spend on a piece of its “history”.

I guess you can’t blame that much for auctioning the item, they are an auction business, and doing their business likely requires the suspension of moral judgement in some cases.

However, that doesn’t mean anyone should bid on it.

This type of stuff needs to stay where it belongs– in the dark recesses of our country’s past, not in someone’s trophy case.

Kris Hughes is the College Football Network Manager for Rant Sports. If you enjoy his takes, you can follow Kris onTwitter, check out his personal Facebook page, or stop by his personal Tumblr page.