Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones Says Keeping Virginity Is The Hardest Thing She Has Ever Had To Do

By Riley Schmitt

Lolo Jones has a good shot to bring home a medal in the hurdles for the USA at the London Olympics.  You would think training for that would be the hardest thing that she has ever done.  If you think that, you would be wrong.  By her own account, Lolo Jones says that keeping her virginity has been the hardest thing that she has ever done.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harder than training for the Olympics. Harder than graduating college.”

Maybe Lolo Jones can join forces with Tim Tebow to form a virginity athlete support group.  I imagine that those two can not be the only ones who still got the ol V card in the wallet.  Good for Lolo, though.  She is focused on one goal right now and that is getting a gold medal.  If she wants to keep her virginity until she feels like it, there is no shame in that.

Lolo Jones has always been focused on her track career, she has never really had the time for a relationship.  Once again, there is nothing wrong with that.  This keeps reminding me of how often Tebow was mocked for saying he was still a virgin.  In the end, does it really matter?  People live their own lives.  If they want to abstain, whatever.  It is not going to end the world.

If you want to hear more from Lolo Jones on this topic, she will be on Real Sports discussing the whole thing.  I imagine that will be one interesting segment.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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