Little Kid Takes Soccer Shot To Face, Gets Up And Continues Playing

Soccer is the one sport that I know of where using your heard is actually part of a strategy.  However, taking the ball to the face is not the world’s best move.  The kid in this video started the action off by kicking the ball at the opponent and running after it.  The opponent ended up winding him and kicking a missile right off of the kid’s head.  A soccer shot to face is not exactly part of a good daily routine.

I actually audibly said “ouch” the first time I watched the video.  That did not look that felt good.  I have to give that kid credit, though.  He popped right back up and continued playing.  That takes some dedication to the craft.  In fact, he even helped his team score a goal soon after.

I was shocked that he even got up in the first place.  He did not just get hit in the face.  He got launched backwards by the force of that shot.  That is not something that you see everyday and can not imagine that his parents were thrilled by that.

I bet this kid learned his lesson.  Sometimes it does not pay to be aggressive.  Your punishment happens to be a soccer shot to face.  That is possibly the best way to learn a lesson.  It is quick and sometimes even painless, but you will always remember that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He did not play soccer for this very reason.  He also did not play soccer because he was pretty much awful at it.