Skip Bayless Has Mouth Taped Shut, Poses For Picture With Stephen A. Smith

By Riley Schmitt

Skip Bayless has made a career out of antagonizing people on ESPN.  For those who dislike the man, their wish was granted on Wednesday as Skip Bayless had his mouth taped shut.  This was a long time coming and I think we can all enjoy this.

For once, Skip Bayless was not talking about Tim Tebow or insulting LeBron James.  It is a pleasure to see that Bayless had his mouth shut.  In fact, the picture is pretty funny.  I bet Stephen A. Smith enjoyed that more than anyone on the planet.  Must be nice to not have listen to old Skippy for a day.

This was a great stunt and should get some good publicity.  As much as I dislike Skip Bayless, I am glad that he posed for a picture like this.  It shows that he does have a sense of humor.  It may seem weird to say, but Bayless knows exactly what he is doing.  He drives ratings and he does that by causing controversy.

If this would happen on a regular basis, I think we would all be happy.  There are times when Skip Bayless just needs to not talk.  If he would pick up on that, we would all be happy.  Wednesday was a start.  Hopefully this idea does not stop.  I hope Bayless continues to remain silent for a while because every sports fan needs a break sometimes.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  Seeing Skip Bayless with his mouth taped shut made his Wednesday morning.

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