Derrick Salberg Of Lower Columbia College Makes Baseball Catch Of The Year

By Riley Schmitt

Derrick Salberg just became a household name over the last couple of hours.  The Lower Columbia College outfielder made the catch of the year in the NWAACC Baseball Championships.  Salberg’s team was taking over Everett and they were nursing a two run lead with two outs in the ninth.  An Everett player crushed a ball and Salber jumped up and over the outfield fence to make the game saving catch.

Derrick Salberg can live off of this moment for a long time.  How many people have ever attempted a catch like that, much less pulled it off?  I have never seen a better catch at the time of the game ever.  If he misses the ball, it is a tie game and who knows what happens.  Salberg’s sacrifice helped his team advance.

It was the top play on Sportscenter Friday night and Derrick Salberg is just living the dream.  I bet very few people knew his name before the weekend began.  Now he is being featured on ESPN and all over the Internet.  Not a bad turn of events for the kid.  I imagine that this could possibly his best athletic feat of his life.

That type of athleticism is normally seen on the football field or the basketball court.  I bet the Lower Columbia College coaches are happy that Derrick Salberg decided to play baseball.  Without him, they lose their first round game and wonder what might have been.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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