Purdue Baseball Team Gets In Bench Clearing Brawl With Indiana During The Big Ten Tournament

The Purdue baseball team is one of the better ones that we have seen in the Big 10 recently.  However, their game against Indiana during the Big 10 Tournament, a brawl broke out.  As Purdue scored the winning run in the ninth inning, Eric Charles went to slide into third.  Instead of going feet first, he went head first and nearly broke the Indiana third basemen’s knee.  This led to a bench clearing brawl with punches thrown.

I am a Purdue baseball fan, but that was a very dirty slide.  I am only speculating but I think Charles got caught in between of how he was going to slide.  He went right into the knee, which led to Charles getting ejected from the game.  Purdue baseball is going to play in the national tournament and this is not how you want to go in.

You can tell that this is a rivalry game.  Purdue baseball and Indiana just flat out do not like each other.  This thing escalated a lot quicker than I thought.  It got out of hand fast.  There was no reason for people to start throwing punches.  It took a long time to get everything sorted out.  I have no idea how the umps were able to figure everything out.

Even an umpire was hurt in the brawl.  This certainly hurt a pretty good Purdue baseball game.  The team is fun to watch and this could affect their train of thought going into the NCAA Tournament.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.