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Michigan Recruit Tweets Picture of Burning Ohio State Recruiting Letter

Michigan Wolverines football recruit Logan Tillman has brainstormed a new idea to show Urban Meyer and his staff that he isn’t the least bit interested in the Buckeyes– to a rather hilarious end.

Tillman took to Twitter yesterday to post the following picture of a recruiting letter sent to him by Ohio State in the early stages of combustion:

Welp, if nothing else, it certainly gets the point across while maybe being a little excessive.

The world of recruiting these days, though– especially college football recruiting– is all about drama and fanfare, and it appears that each passing generation understands this better than its predecessor.

In an age where ESPN puts on full-scale, hour-long broadcasts where young men finally end the suspense and choose where they will play their college ball, finding out that a recruit has burned a letter and broad-casted it out to the world on one of social media’s largest mediums is hardly surprising, but, perhaps, disappointing.

If you’re not interested in a school– regardless of whether they are a major rival of the school you are obviously leaning toward– just don’t respond.

It’s not rocket science, and certainly is much more classy.

It’s not about class anymore, though, it’s about entertainment value, and Logan Tillman’s gesture is certainly that.

I guess.

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