Division II Basketball Player Wins Strange Injury Contest

By Kris Hughes

Chad Renfro may have already suffered the most painful, bizarre, and strange injury of the 2012 college basketball year, and it’s not even June and months away from the first tip in November.

Renfro, a high-scoring guard from Division II Barry University in Miami, was bitten by a shark last Wednesday while surfing off the coast near Jacksonville, Florida while on a trip to visit his parents.

After the bite, Renfro managed to make it back to shore despite what I’m sure was unreal pain, and was immediately attended to by nearby lifeguards. Renfro was transported to a local hospital and was given 85 stitches on his foot due to the bite slicing through a tendon.

Since a tendon was sliced, Renfro’s rehab process will likely be lengthy, but he avoided the worst-case scenario for sure– things could have been much worse. He could have lost a foot, or suffered an injury more severe to his leg which could have prevented him from ever playing basketball again.

Regardless, Chad Renfro will have a great story to tell his children and his grandchildren about his first-hand encounter with a shark.

I don’t know, I’d probably be gun-shy about the water after that one, but we’ll see what Chad Renfro decides to do down the road.

Either way, his injury makes having a briefcase dropped on your hand and cracking a bone or slicing a quad on a trampoline look pretty pedestrian.

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